3Shape Orthodontic Lab

Why 3Shape?

Reliable Dental Partner

​• Excellence favoured by thousands of labs in over 120 countries

​• 400+ developers creating leading technology to maximize profitability for labs

​• Driving digital dentistry with 100+ pending patents

High Quality CAD/CAM system

​• Fast scanners with documented accuracy

​• Intuitive software that enables exceptional digital craftmanship ​

• Listed scanners, developed according to ISO standards and Red Dot recognized

A solution for every need and budget

​• Largest suite of scanners

​• Unrivalled integration with TRIOS and third-party IOS, mills and 3D printers

​• Widest range of treatment workflows

Leverage digital workflows – Clear Aligners

​The flexible Open Clear Aligner Workflow provides labs with the technology, infrastructure and services to provide clear aligners, with complete control over the workflow—whatever their level of experience.

The Open Clear Aligner Workflow enables labs to grow their business, with full access and integration to: •Expert design services for setup and staging •3Shape-trusted manufacturing partners for 3D printing and vacuum forming •Ortho Premium software for full control over the treatment

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Scan phase Receive digital scans from the clinic or scan the physical models
Setup phaseSend the case for setup
and staging by a treatment provider, or choose to design in-house using Ortho Premium software
Print phase Send the case for manufacturing by a manufacturing centre or print the models in-house
Vacuum form/finish phaseFinish the aligners by a manufacturing service or vacuum and cut the clear aligners in-house
Clear aligners are readyAll set for the Clinician!