3Shape Dongle Transfer

Five Reasons to Transfer Your Dongle to CAP

  1. Support CAP offers the industry’s best support. Our support team is made up of CAD CAM experts who are available to provide support by phone, chat, or email from 8:00AM – 8:00PM EST. Learn more in this short video.
  2. Tested, proven, and optimized Do you ever find yourself wondering if and when you should take on the most recent 3Shape software update? At CAP we run 3Shape software and scanning in our own production center and only recommend upgrading your software after it’s been vetted by our production center staff and R&D team.
  3. Training CAP Academy hosts >300 training and educational videos, many of which are focused on 3Shape, such as The Copy Features in 3Shape, Using Your Waxup in 3Shape Design, and Using 3Shape Transfer Plates. With CAP’s educational offerings, labs have instant access to step-by-step instruction, the latest information, and answers to complex questions.
  4. No downtime Labs depend on their equipment to be up and running at all times. In the event that your 3Shape scanner goes down, CAP will send you a loaner scanner until we get yours diagnosed, fixed, and operational.
  5. Education CAP labs have premier access to our live training sessions in Stoneham, MA and Clearwater, FL, in addition to monthly webinars and premium CAP Academy videos.


3Shape Software/Module Annual Fee
Dental Designer Premium $2,500
Dental Designer Full Contour $1,900
Dental Designer TRIOS $2,500
Abutment Designer $500
Bar and Bridge Designer $500
Abutment and Bar $1,000
Removable s $600
CAMbridge (most versions) $500
TRIOS Model Builder $250
3rd Party Model Builder $700
STL Model Builder $1,400
Full Denture $500
Implant Studio Integrated $800
Implant Studio Stand Alone $1,900
TRIOS Inbox $1,400
Removable Stand Alone $1,200


Disclaimer / fine print:

All 3Shape/dongle transfers are at the discretion of CAP and are subject to a vetting process. Please note that your distributor has the right to refuse transfer. The distribution of loaner scanners is subject to availability.