Scan Technology Takes Another Leap Forward


Recently, 3Shape introduced the “E” series scanners. With this introduction they discontinued the D750, D850, D900L. The complete product line now includes the E1, E2, E3, D1000 and D2000.

When looking at the “E” series scanner, the first thing noticed is there are no door or sides – the E scanners are fully open. There is only a top back and base. When comparing the new E scanners to the now discontinued “D” series, they are faster, more accurate, easier to operate and cost considerably less to purchase. The E1 starts at about $11K which includes design software. There are several improvements with these newly designed models such as:

  • Impression scanning with hole fill intelligence.
  • The scanner knows when you put a model on the scan planform and starts to scan as soon as you remove your hand.
  • Each of the E series scanners have two 5 MP cameras and use multi-line blue light scan technology.
  • Depending on the model, a full arch can be scanned in 24-40 seconds.
  • Dies are scanned in just 18-25 seconds.

There are several more innovations with the “E” series scanners. For more info you can go here.

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