While sitting at the airport waiting for my return flight from Cologne Germany, I thought it would be great to share some of the new introductions seen at IDS. Before doing this, I must say IDS becomes more amazing with each new event, every other year.

First, many companies are working on automating dentures. At this point, both 3Shape and Exocad have launched denture CAD solutions. Each is off to a great start. Not to say there are no limitations with these first edition CAD programs. Currently, the indications are for full upper and lower dentures only and you must do them both simultaneously. With that said, the computer designing of the setup and wax-up is quite simple. Once trained, one can plan on 20 minutes to select a mold, design the setup and wax-up for both a full upper and lower denture. Next an evaluation of what several companies are introducing for new denture protocols using CAD CAM is somewhat problematic to me. With the exception of Amann Girrbach (AG) all the systems I reviewed require a significant change in clinical protocols. Advancement in technology and related protocols can be a good thing, however, a change in clinical protocol simply to accommodate technology is probably not going to be accepted nor work as well as existing processes. To introduce any of these new systems (with the exception of AG) will require much clinical education. Furthermore, even with proper education I’m not sure we can successfully produce quality digital dentures utilizing many of the solutions I was introduced to. In addition, some of these digital solutions are actually a more expensive denture solution. The two elements of cost and protocol change will likely make some of these obsolete right out of the gate. In all likelihood, the AG protocol will be duplicated by others as it is truly a more cost effective solution that utilizes existing clinical procedures. Implementation is simple and the process saves time and money.

CAP is in the process of launching CubeX² and CAP Anterior zirconia. I believe this new much more translucent full contour zirconia material will take the market by storm. Interestingly, most disc manufacturers are working on similar products. The CubeX² system will be a white disc with a full range of green state coloring liquids. The CAP Anterior disc system will include 16 vita shades plus bleach. Amann Girrbach showed for the first time a multilayered version of this new material. This will be available in multiple shades in both the 71mm and 98 mm discs.

New milling machines from all over the world were plentiful. Looking at the companies we know best, all have new additions. Roland introduced the DWX-4W. This wet mill is setup to mill glass ceramics, three blocks at a time and will be priced at about $25K, including CAM. AG has launch the Mikro. This very economical mill is a dry 4-axis mill that appears to be a small but very robust solution for all the soft materials plus Sintron, which is a pre-sintered chrome cobalt disc. imes-icore exhibited a full lineup of new mills. This includes the just released 350i. This mill is available with a zero tolerance disc changer. Built to mill both wet and dry, soft materials as well as CrCo and titanium.

3Shape was showing new scanners as well as a new CBCT. The introduction of the new desktop scanners includes the D750, D850, D1000 & D2000. Probably the most significant change in all these scanners is the move away from a single beam laser scanning process to blue light. The blue light functions with 27 simultaneous beams. The D2000 is a one step scanner. The scanner holds both the upper and lower models and scans everything at once. That’s right, upper cast, lower cast, bite and dies all in one scan. The CBCT will be shipping in Europe later this year and the U.S. next year. This CAT scan device is also capable of providing a 3D facial scan. This new scan capability will have very significant applications that will provide much more information to CAD designers for comprehensive cases.

Unlike IDS 2013, the weather was beautiful. For me, the show was more than I could have anticipated. Saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones. For those of you that have never attended, this is a must if you have an interest in dentistry.


As always, thanks for reading,

Bob Cohen, CDT

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