Breaking Down the New 3Shape Scanner Portfolio


If you stopped by our booth in Chicago in February you most likely saw the D2000 desktop scanner from 3Shape on our table. This is one of a new lineup of scanners from 3Shape designed to meet the specific needs of each dental lab.

Their scanner lineup for 2015 represents a commitment from 3Shape to design a lab scanner for every need. What this means is that no matter what stage of growth your lab is at, there is scanner to help your lab thrive.

Check out the video below for a full overview of the new 3Shape scanners.

Some of the key features of the new 3Shape scanner lineup include:

  • Multi die scanning to increase the number of units scanned at a single time
  • Larger interiors for more working space
  • Multi-line blue LED scanning for more detailed scans of hard to reach or complex areas
  • 30% faster scanning speed on D1000 and D2000 scanners


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