3Shape: What’s New, What’s Coming

At LMT Lab Day Chicago, 3Shape had a meeting for distributors where they introduced several new innovations that are becoming available for beta with expected launch dates thereafter. It appears that they are really taking digital to the next level. Some of these new features included the following:

Scanning Impressions

Impression scanning was demonstrated in a D2000 scanner. The completeness and hole-free result of the scan was amazing. Even lower anteriors were able to be scanned hole free. With more than acceptable scan times, scanning impressions will become the norm for many.

There are many efficiencies that one can take advantage of when using this new indication.
I had written a previous blog on scanning impressions. You can find it here if interested.

A New, Common Platform for All Products

Multiple software programs, one user interface, one workflow. Through rapid growth, 3Shape now has so many great applications. All uniquely designed to facilitate ease-of-use and functionality. Now having the most comprehensive lineup of digital capabilities, one can be somewhat confused moving from one software to another. To eliminate this challenge, 3Shape is designing a single user interface across all softwares. This will result in a more user friendly workflow. For example, Implant Studio to Model Builder and then to Dental Designer and so on, will all look and feel the same. As I see it, the results will reduce learning curves of new indications, reduce confusion, and streamline workflows. I can’t wait.

A Reward for Existing Customers

To reward existing 3Shape customers, all second (or additional) scanners come with an additional 2 year service agreement. Many lab owners have expressed concern about the cost of 3Shape annual renewal fees. For existing customers purchasing additional scanners, 3Shape will be waiving years 2 and 3 annual fees for these new scanners. Call us for more details.

There’s an App for That

With a new phone app, 3Shape Communicate, amazingly, you will soon have 3Shape functionality in your pocket.

Universal Scan Body Kit

3Shape scan flag libraries and implant component interchangeability. Don’t you hate the fact that using implant components from a different company requires you to purchase new scan bodies? 3Shape is launching a scan body kit that will be more universal. That’s right, one scan body kit for many implant component manufacturers products.

TRIOS Updates

Superior Scan Accuracy

A recent independent study at the University of Zurich, concluded the TRIOS intraoral scanner to be the most accurate device of its kind. Putting this into perspective, the TRIOS scans across an arch with an accuracy of less than the diameter of a human hair. Other very popular IOS devices were very close to clinical unacceptability.

TRIOS Cart Gets a Battery

This new option makes it quick and easy to move the TRIOS cart from room to room. The rechargeable battery is good for 1.6 hours of scan time between charges.

Dentrex Integration

TRIOS to become fully integrated with Dentrex software. No more looking for old scan data. TRIOS scan files will be easily accessed from Dentex office management software in each patient file, where it should be.

Insane Speed Coming in Q2

TRIOS Insane speed scanning will be available in quarter two this year. Scan a full arch in under one minute, Insane!! What more can I say?


Thank you 3Shape for continuing to develop tools of the future.

Learn more about 3Shape here.


Bob Cohen, CDT

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