3Shape Dental System 2015 – What’s New?


Released this month, the new 3Shape Dental System 2015 includes some significant improvements, upgrades and new features all designed to increase efficiency and expand your lab’s capabilities.

On the whole, the new 3Shape Dental System is designed to be customized to your dental lab’s workflow. Users can freely define the structure of the user interface – according to your own preferences. While additional enhancements will be of more appeal to different dental labs, depending on their unique needs, I wanted to outline some of the top features that have our attention here at CAP.

Smile Composer 2.0

The new Smile Composer further simplifies the design process by combining the tooth setup and sculpting tools into a single step.  Now the tools can be used in any order so you can design the way you want to work.  There is also a new smile library selector make it easy to choose the best smile library for the particular clinical situation.

Split Bridges with Male/Female Connectors

When you receive a case with a challenging insertion direction issue, the split bridge option offers you a useful option to consider with your dentist. The new “Split bridge” step in the design workflow gives users the possibility to choose where to split the bridge using a male and female connector, and to define two separate insertion directions.

Improved support for Multilayer Blanks

With the new multilayer materials available today, such as CAP Multi FZ and Multi Layer PMMA  designers can now choose where to place their design in the multi layered blocks to get just the right amounts of each layer where they want them. It even has a special feature to pass this information on to 3rd party CAM software!

Positioning Guides for Easy Placement of Custom Abutments

Now you can easily provide your clients with a  positioning guide to help them quickly and easily place abutments, temporaries or veneers. After completing the design, you can easily guide which rests on the remaining teeth and holds the prosthetic during placement ensuring highly accurate positioning in the patient’s mouth.

Improved Removable Partial Design Tools

Based on customer feedback, 3Shape has made many upgrades to the design controls and capabilities for removable partials to help you create the exact design you want. Improvements include:

  • Better control over the connector edge design
  • Ability to create multiple connectors with independent parameters
  • New occlusal rest waxing tool
  • More control over stippling
  • Streamlined workflows for TRIOS cases

Don’t forget that you can now outsource your designs to our friends at 3D RPD USA as well.

Faster Scanning

The speed of the scanning step is measured not only by how quickly the scanners can collect the data, but also by how quickly the scanning software processes the data it receives.  This release boast workflow and processing efficiency improvements help make scanning faster and easier.

These are just a few of the many new features.  Check out the complete list of new capabilities in Dental System 2015.

Anyone that purchases a 3Shape scanner, or has already purchased a 3Shape scanner, from CAP can upgrade to the most current version of 3Shape. If you have any questions regarding upgrade eligibility, new features, or interested in 3Shape scanners, please do not hesitate to contact CAP.

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