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I attended a meeting called The Digital Factory at MIT in Boston on June 5th. The speakers were incredibly knowledgeable in their fields. About 1,500 people attended and there were also about 10 digital automation companies exhibiting with what I found to be amazing innovations. Formlabs was one of these companies and they showed off a bunch of new products currently in the pipeline. For the purpose of this blog, I want to share their new post-processing automation devices.

First, the Form Wash is an ultrasonic parts cleaner. Very well thought out, once the build is complete you simply take the build plate out and place it into the ultrasonic cleaner. Depending on the type of material you have used in your print, you set a timer for cleaning time. Push start, walk away, and in 15-40 minutes your parts are clean of residue. They have also developed a device that measures the impurities in the cleaning solution so that you know when to change out the cleaning solution.

Next is the Form Cure light unit. Again, while the build is still affixed to the build plate, you simply place the cleaned parts into the light cure box, press go, and the parts go through final curing. Sitting side by side both the light cure unit and the ultrasonic look identical as they are made from very similar housings. Each is about half the size of the Formlabs printer.


Ultrasonic cleaner on left, light cure on right.

These products will be available in October. We are taking pre-orders now so please add yourself to the list hereor call us at 877-877-7889, ext. 1. The cost for both units is $1,198.

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